From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the brain is a “processor”, and the hand is a “monitor”. In other words, hand signals are directly proportional to the body’s health. In fact, any illness is linked, in whatsoever degree, to viscera’s. In case of disease the body sends signals that are initially minimal, but are growing as the patient's condition worsens. Six Meridians run through our arms, and they are closely related to our visceras. Accordingly, as soon as the work of viscera’s is different from the normal operation, we will experience a difference in the Meridian passing through this organ, the Chi conveyed by it and related acupuncture points. When there is a physical change, other than normal, it could be interpreted as a request for assistance of the internal organs. It's like a red warning light which calls for our attention and warns that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure (in the case of severe problems). Quantum medicine has evolved under the influence and impact of modern biomedicine. This discipline is built on a foundation of theories of quantum mechanics, combining quantum biology, quantum pharmacology and biological informatics, and using such phenomena as fluctuation of microscopic electric, radiation and energy, and provides a complex, systematic, comprehensive and stimulating health prevention, harmonization, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. Quantum Medicine is an entirely new branch of science, built on the interaction of electromagnetic radiation with people and flora and fauna. As the focus of the science is placed on the electromagnetic field, so its essence is the electromagnetic field and measuring the size of vibration frequencies emitted by the body (i.e. the amount of energy fluctuations in a weak magnet field). Magnetic waves leaving the human body accurately reflect the state of the human body and this infinitely small field is a tool of cell communication.  The results of measurement by the MagnetSpace Body Analyser give information on the following areas:  Cardiovascular system  Stomach and intestinal function  Liver function  Gallbladder  Pancreas  Kidney  Lung  Brain and nerves  Bone diseases  Bone density  Rheumatoid bone disease  Blood sugar  Physical state Toxins  Trace elements  Prostate  Virility  Gynaecology  Skin  Endocrine system  Immune system  Analysis of female breast  Amino acids  Heavy metals  Allergens  Eyes  Obesity Parasites