Frequency Therapy Tablet

...Let’s take a simple example…: If a nutrient cannot be absorbed due to some lack of energy or information, no matter how much and how many times you take it into the body, it is worth nothing.

The Magnetspace Analyzer device can be used to detect the underlying causes of illnesses that cannot be derived from the symptoms by conventional diagnostic methods. It can call attention to potential pathogens, deficiencies, necessary active substances, or it can reveal complicated emotional relations causing illness, organ problems behind lack of information. Every change in our organism correlates with each level (structural, biochemical, energetic, information) of our body, so it is understandable that changes taking place at the information level may induce changes at other levels. If the cause of a disease is primarily at the information level such as a severe mental disorder or a chronic illness without any detectable cause (eg. allergy, tumor) – the Magnetspace Frequency Therapy Tablet can produce excellent results.

If we assume that the most common civilizational diseases are developing on a psychosomatic basis, we can conclude that all diseases can be cured. The modern scientific approach to diagnosis of diseases, based on “Newtonian physics”,completely ignores the mental factors involved in the development of illnesses,and such treatmentsare often doomed to failure.The term psychosomatic refers to the unity of body and soul,and also examines social interactions in the formation, the course, and the treatment of human diseases. If we think about the traditional Oriental philosophy, it is not a novelty. Energetic therapies known in the Far East bring about a process of harmonization in the energetic field of the body and the body field, thereby having a reverse effect on other parts and levels of the body, triggering self-regeneration mechanisms.

Taking into account the results of the scientific researches of recent decades, it is obvious that our thoughts have a much greater impact on our lives than biochemical and energetic functioning. All of our actions are preceded by a certain flow of information in our brain; in fact, we activate our energy with our thoughts and our emotions. We are talking about energy blocks, and we almost never think about information blocks, but this is the case with the low energy level – inadequate information or incompatible energy – orthe non-matching information pairs as well.

Generally, the energy is classified into: good, bad, high, low, concentrated, missing, or intense – such a classification of energies should be applied in the case of information as well. As there are different forms of energy, information must also have different forms. Accordingly, information medicine can be defined as the science of replacing information, removing information blocks or expired information.

With the results of a body analysis – with the Magnetspace Analyzer or the Magnetspace 3D NLS device – we can set up the treatment program easily, which helps to decide when and what kind of information should be entered into the Magnetspace Frequency Therapy Tablet. The characteristic parameters of the resonant frequencies (frequency, intensity, amplitude) programmed in advance in the device were designed and built into it over several years of research. This knowledge has enabled the creation of a therapeutic device that stimulates or initiates the self-regeneration mechanisms by influencing the body’s most basic bioinformatic processes. Besides improving regenerative capacity, preventing harm to environment and health, the device also provides additional treatment for certain diseases.

The best-known applications of the Frequency Therapy Tablet:

allergies, particularly food and pollen allergies; chronic skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis); chronic gastrointestinal disorders (reflux, absorption disorders, inflammatory bowel disease); addictions (alcohol, nicotine, drugs); weak immune system; increased tendency to infections; additional treatment withpain relief for cancer; musculoskeletal disorders; detoxification (liver, kidneys, or increasing lymph flow); gynecological diseases (menstrual disorders, infertility); chronic respiratory and cardiovascular diseases; hormonal disorders; acceleration of post-accident regeneration; pre- and postoperative treatment; prevention of energy deficiency; periodic health check; screening test.