Magnetspace 9D NLS Biophysical Device

The device 9D NLS allows us to quickly measure the current energy state of the entire human body without any adverseside effects, then draw the necessary conclusions, and learn about the risk of certain diseases. In addition, the 9D NLS is suitable for mapping the presence of various bacteria, viruses, parasitic fungi, parasites, and unicellular organisms;and to detect whether these pathogens are active in the body.

The device includes additional useful functions. It is suitable, among others, for preparing personalized information products (these work like homeopathic products) as well as for conducting an information therapy – Meta Therapy.

The device is also suitable for predicting possible abnormalities of homeostasis, selecting diet related health promotion programs, and identifying the vibration pattern of the most appropriate medication or nutritional supplement for the person being examined. The effectiveness of the selected products may be measured in advance by testing vegetative reactions (vegeto-test). The “electronic pharmacy” that is the reference information module contains more than 10,000 spectrograms (vibration patterns). This allows the selection and the instant preparation of a personalized information product that will work the most effectively and efficiently.

The process of analysis is simple.

Since the electrical activity of the vegetative structure of the brain is unavailable, the vegetative brain formulas are activated by sound, electromagnetic vibrations (through the headphones), and visual stimulation.

Visual activators support permanent and intensive changes in relation to a certain organ. The system amplifies the signals coming from the brain, then converts them into a digital code making it suitable for enteringit into the computer in the form of information. The procedure is indicated on the anatomical illustration of the examined organ with the corresponding colored symbols.

The color and the location of the symbols on the illustrations depend on the intensity of signals coming from the brain.They reflect the health state of the body, more specifically the various stages of stress functioning, and also refer to the already obvious pathological changes.

The next stage of the rapid test involves an energy audit. The basis of the audit is that the program compares the vibrations corresponding to the various diseases, the so-called etalon processes stored in the computer's memory, with the current information received from the person being examined. The program allows us to approach the energy diagnosis in different ways, including variance analysis, entropy analysis, multivariate or linear analysis, and graphical representation (the program compares the graphical representation of the virtual models of the diseases with the data of the examined person). The program is able to analyze not only the entire body at the anatomical and histological level, but also allows the individual intersections and the interaction between them to be examined.

The reliability of the health check is guaranteed by 5 different positions. The closer the information received from the examined person is to the virtual model of the disease, the greater is the accuracy and the reliability of the results. Considering that 4 symbols of the 6 that are used in the program indicate some state of functioning, we can say that the device allows us to determine the development of pathological processes already in the initial stages.

In the next stage of the health check (rapid test), with the help of the program you can choose from the vibrational pictures of various products (allopathic and homeopathic products, nutritional supplements, herbs). The program also specifies which of the products in the database are the most suitable for improving the condition of a given organ. This is made for each patient individually, taking into consideration one’s state of health. The device is able to test automatically whether a product is suitable for a given patient or not. In addition to the thousands of products stored in the database of the program, you can test vibrations of any other product by placing the product into the magneto-optical chamber of the device (external vegeto-test).

If the given product can improve the overall condition of the body, the product may be recommended for use for the patient. Using the biophysical NLS method, it is possible to prepare the so-called spectronosodes, which reflect the vibration pattern of the given product, and can affect a certain organ at the information level.

The program provides a huge amount of statistical data on the distribution of the various nosological forms of diseases according to age groups and gender. This allows us to retrieve and process essential information even if we only know the gender and the age of the patient.

The hardware-software unit can be used efficiently by both doctors of academic (western) medicine and doctors practicing eastern and Chinese medicine. It can be also successfully applied at home, in beauty salons, fitness and wellness centers, and in various health-care facilities.

The Magnetspace 9D NLS device can perform the following tasks:

Assessment of the biophysical condition of the examined person,multivariate analysis of homeostasis, broken down by individual systems and organs. Biophysical assessment of changes of the state and functioning of the body. Prediction of the potential risks (prognosis) of diseases for a year or five years in advance. The device can detect the achievement of the risk stage of certain diseases. It assesses the biological activity of microflora,shows the energeticpresence of the potential pathological processes, diseases, and pathogenic microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, etc.). It provides a non-invasive analysis of the unstable biochemical state of blood. It analyzes the genetic predisposition to certain diseases. It detects and shows the presence of allergens. It also contains the spectrograms of various toxins – nutritional, medicinal, respiratory, chemical, or other contaminants. It identifies the energetic information load (geopathic radiation, electrosmog, computer, mobile phone, etc.)received by the body. It analyzes the acid-base balance of tissues. It gives recommendations to the followers of blood type diet. It allows an individual course of treatment as well as the selection and the preparation of the most effective, personalized electronic or “information product” that is the spectronosode for the patient. It is possible to choose from two thousand vibration patterns of various products. The device contains vibration patterns of dozens of leading food supplement manufacturers’ (including Energy, Dr.Nona, a Sunrider,…) products, these can be selected from the database.It provides the ability to enter and store vibration patterns of non-database products of other companies, and to analyze the potential effect of a given product.

The device provides the following services:

It stores the patients’chart of the examined individuals and gives the opportunity to analyze them subsequently. It makes possible to choose from different patients’ charts according to several filters.It performs an automatic database backup, whose density and frequency can be set for daily or weekly backup. It allows the separation of the patients’ chart of the examined individuals according to individual therapists or operators. Access to individual charts can be restricted if necessary. The built-in vegeto-test function allows the pre-testing of the selected spectronosode (information product), before the person is taking the particular product. With the help of the device it is possible to determine in advance the depth of the biophysical examination for each organ system or organ. Our company provides a 2 year warranty period and continuous software upgrade.