Laser Therapy Acupuncture Pen

The Laser Therapy Acupuncture Pen is a high-tech electronic product that has been developed in accordance with the meridian theory of Chinese medicine and the theory of low-frequency pulse and laser treatment. Electronic impulse and laser irradiation may automatically detect and treat acupuncture points, activates cells, and improve blood circulation.

This Laser Therapy Acupuncture Pen can be used every day.


Using the electric impulse and the acupuncture head instead of the traditional Chinese acupuncture method is much easier and simpler. The product uses an 850 nm laser wavelength to achieve the efficiency of biological laser radiation. It is easy to use. It has a unique, modern look.


Treatment with low-frequency electrical pulses

The low-frequency pulses stimulate muscle nerve cells, muscle contraction and relaxation. This allows increased blood flow to the weakened tissue, which results in increased protein and nutrient supply, thus easing the pain.

Massage therapy

Combination of Chinese therapy and modern micro-electronic technology provides a personalized massage for all users. The device has two metal massage heads, one spherical and one dome-shaped.

Biological laser

The 650 nm wavelength energy generated by two lasers has a biological effect, and may improve blood quality, blood flow, and metabolism.