Zapper and Frequency Therapy Device

The MagnetSpace Magnetic Therapy Device was created by the persistent work of doctors and engineers, scientists researching magnetic therapy based on the principle of magnetism discovered a few centuries ago by Chinese therapists.

The MagnetSpace Magnetic Therapy Device is a wellness device of the new era, combining the knowledge gained through the thousand-year experience of traditional Chinese medicine and the opportunities offered by modern computers and electronic equipment.

This way, the computer program-controlled MagnetSpace Magnetic Therapy Device has achieved a compact, easy-to-use form that is recommended for naturopaths, therapists, wellness centers, and for home use.


Quantum resonance – information as a healing force

Healthcare is constantly evolving.  Thanks to the technical achievements, certain devices are not only able to receive signals emitted by our body, but they can communicate with our organism through eg. quantum resonance, thus stimulating the cells to function properly.

Our organism is made up of billions of cells that are characteristically vibrant. However, due to various external factors, these vibrations may often change, resulting in illness.In cells molecular changes appear first, and it may take up to a longer period (even years) until the changes can be physically experienced. If the original vibration is restored, the physical illness usually healsas well.The appropriately selected magnetic field can stimulate the normal functioning of cells.

With these factors in mind, it is also important to measure vibrations accurately (eg. with the MagnetSpace Body Analyzer), and thus prevent the occurrence and the development of diseases in time. This method is used around the world by a multitude of professionalsincluding doctors, veterinarians, dentists, manual therapists, kinesiologists, psychologists, natural therapists, therapists, homeopaths, researchers, and other healthcare professionals.

Why is the use of magnetic field recommended nowadays?Today we live in a world, where a growing number of harmful factors affect our health. The environment is polluted, the weather is getting more extreme, our lifestyle is not always ideal. The modern way of life is mostly characterized by stress and haste. This is unfortunately a typical feature of our time. In the midst of our many tasks, we do not have enough time to exercise,and we often do not pay attention to the amount of fluid consumed and proper nutrition. Regular intake of various medications, smoking, and alcohol consumption have also negative effects on our body; but we should keep in mind the effects of electrosmog as well, since practically in all areas of our life we are surrounded by electrical appliances that produce harmful radiation to our body.

The MagnetSpace Magnetic Therapy Device includes:

-          An Android computer-based control unit with an installed program (device for setting frequencies for various organs of the body)

-          A Body Analyzer (mattress for irradiation of the whole body)

The program of the device includes frequencies of therapeutic regimens for the treatment of the following organs:

Brain and nerves, allergens, skin, bone diseases, bone density, depression, DNA regeneration, obesity, endocrine system, gallbladder, physical state, masculinity, gastric and intestinal function, root chakra, third eye chakra, pancreatic function, immune system, Candida, complex chakra harmonization, crown chakra, liver function, solar plexus chakra, heavy metals, gynecology, breast, parasites, prostate, rheumatic bone diseases,stress, eye function, sex chakra, heart chakra, heart and cardiovascular system, tinnitus, throat chakra, toxins, pulmonary function, renal function, blood sugar, wellness, and nearly 2000 another therapeutic programs…